Fitness Advice For Aspiring Rugby Players

Monday 12 November 12

Storm Fitness give their tips and advice for aspiring young rugby players. Over recent days the Storm Fitness performance department have been giving their tips and advice to aspiring young rugby players looking to focus their training. The team, made up of ex-professional rugby players Spencer Davey and Lome Fa'atau have already suggested their first two tips, which can be found here. Today, however, their suggestion is with regards to mobility versus stiffness.

"Every joint in the body has a function to be mobile or stable (or 'stiff') Training with an understanding of what areas need to be stiff and which need to be mobile can have an amazing effect on the performance of a player.

"For example if a Centre wants to draw a defender and pull a pass back to a supporting player he/she needs to have some stability through the lower back and core and plenty of mobility through the mid-upper back and shoulders. Without either of these two factors the player will have to slow in order to make the pass and will not be as effective."

Come back to the website tomorrow for Storm's fourth and final tip.

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