Storm Fitness Offer Some Advice To Aspiring Falcons

Tuesday 13 November 12

Training and fitness advice from former professionals Spencer Davey and Lome Fa-atau.

The performance department at Storm Fitness, ex-professional rugby players Spencer Davey and Lome Fa-atau, have recently been offering their advice on training and fitness to aspiring rugby players.

Over recent days they've given tips on mobility vs stiffness, training the whole body and setting goals, and today the team provide us with their fourth and final tip for members of the next generation who are hoping to make it to the top level.

Today's tip is about flexibility, as Spencer and Lome explain:

"Flexibility is not just something for the backs! This is an area of training that even some of the best professionals neglect, which is surprising because a player can get some 'easy wins' from developing better flexibility, not to mention reducing the chance of injury.

"Flexibility goes hand in hand with proper training programs. Take, for example, the hamstrings. For the hamstrings to be flexible the glutes and the lower back all need to be strong and doing their job effectively. The three groups of muscles work as part of a chain and if one group is not doing its job the others will have to work overtime, which will create tightness.

"As a guide when stretching, if you want to increase the length of a muscle hold the stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds."

Lome and Spencer played top level rugby for over ten years before becoming accomplished strength coaches. They do have one final piece of advice for aspiring professionals; "We wish you a lot of luck on your journey and remember to enjoy it as we did!"

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