What we look for

There are no set criteria to define what a player must be capable of to be selected by the academy, because everyone is different.

We are looking for players that make us GASP, which stands for game sense, attitude, skill set and physical potential.

We use these criteria to guide selection decisions, and if a player excels in any of these areas we will consider them for potential inclusion in the academy. The most important area for us is attitude. Below is a summary of what they all mean to us:

Game sense: awareness, decision making, game understanding, problem solving, creative thinking, communication.

Attitude: competitiveness, work ethic, motivation, resilience, coachability, team player.

Skill set: catch, pass, ruck, tackle and position specific skills; all under pressure.

Physical potential: speed, agility, balance, co-ordination, power, strength, running fitness, robustness, flexibility and stature.

Anyone can nominate a player to us by emailing: academy@newcastle-falcons.co.uk

George Wacokecoke

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