Bumper match programme for ‘The Big One’

Friday 23 March 2018 Written by: Adam

Extended to 84 pages in light of the momentous rugby occasion, this collector’s item includes all your regulars plus some additional great features.

**Retailing at £4 from sellers in and around the ground, features include:**

* A beginner’s guide to rugby.

* A history of rugby at Newcastle Falcons.

* The lowdown on the Aviva Premiership.

* Doddie Weir poster.

* University match preview.

* A brief history of Newcastle Falcons.

* Interview with Falcons captain Will Welch.

* Dean Richards welcome.

* Dave Walder interview.

* The lowdown on Northampton Saints.

* 20-question rugby quiz

* All the latest from the Falcons Academy

* From the Press Box, by BBC Newcastle’s Dean Gray.

* Hyland’s History: Falcons and Saints games down the years.

… and much, much more. Available from sellers in and around the ground for £4.