Club Connections: Club of the Month

Monday 15 November 2021 Written by: Adam

Consett RFC regularly attend match-day festivals, participate in our CPDs, take opportunities to host our Falcons Community coaching camps and help encourage delivery within schools.

Overall, the club helps deliver Falcons Community’s work and objectives.

Our Club Connections programme aims to make our community club stronger, by supporting elements both on and off the pitch.

Club Connections is powered by Fusion for Business (FFB), committed to helping sports clubs become more energy efficient through a range of costs and carbon savings. These savings can create a new recurring revenue stream, boosting longevity of grassroots sports for our next generation and beyond.

**Fusion for Business Consett RFC Success Story**

**Challenge:** Consett RFC have had a series of contracts that do not suit their needs as a business, and as a result have been spending hard-earned funds unnecessarily that could be used to grow the club

**Solution:** With Consett RFC’s consent, FFB were able to act on their behalf and successfully get them out of their current contracts. FFB aligned all meters with just two suppliers to keep it simple for the club from now on!

**Result:** Through effective contract management and procurement expertise, FFB identified savings worth £16,000 for the club. These savings can be better spent on the club- where it belongs!