Coaching appointment perfect opportunity for evergreen MacLeod

Friday 24 July 2015 Written by: Adam

Newly confirmed player coach Scott MacLeod is excited about the latest chapter of his career, even if it hasn’t always been a route that has been on his radar.

The ever popular borderer will enter into his fourth season at Kingston Park except this year, he will also assume responsibility for the club’s lineout operation as a whole.

It is a seemingly natural progression for the lock, who last season made a number of appearances alongside some of the club’s young forward prospects in the Aviva A League and European Challenge Cup, and one that fits with the Scotsman’s character.

“I always want to help out and I’m an approachable guy. I like working with the young guys and anything I can do to influence or help or sit down with them then I would do.”

“I’d not say coaching was something I massively aspired to, or was a direction I wanted to really go in, but I did enjoy last year, trying to develop boys and help them out and see how they play and fight in the heat of battle so now I’m involved, there’s nothing but positivity from my side now that I’ve taken that on.”

Taking a desk in an office that already plays host to Dean Richards, John Wells, Dave Walder, Micky Ward and Mark Laycock is also an exciting aspect of his new responsibilities and one that MacLeod is looking forward to.

“I learnt a lot last year when I was running a team at Hawick, but in terms of coaching and game plans and philosophies I think I’ll learn so much, especially working with guys like Micky and Wellsy.”

“Wellsy has given me the onus that if I want to do things in my own way then I can put my own spin on things, providing it stays within the overall structure we’re trying to achieve as a team.”

“We have a great coaching team here so I can’t do anything but benefit from working alongside them.”

As an established part of the setup already at the Falcons, MacLeod expects the move into the coach’s realm to be relatively seamless, even if his team mates are taking full advantage of the chance to make fun of him.

“It’s not like I need to build bridges or get to know people’s personalities but I get on well with most people and the transition should be quite easy.”

“The coaches wear the red tops so I’ve had a few of them chucked at me but I can take it, I can give as good as I get, I’ve been around a changing room long enough for the tongue in cheek stuff!”

Looking to the quality of players he has under his tutelage the 36 year old is enthused to be part of careers that are only just approaching their peaks.

“There’s a lot of talent there, young Witty coming back from England, I massively rate Glen Young as a talent, he is a great prospect, there’s Sean Robinson who can do both middle and back row and then there’s young Harry Snowdon who is a big physical guy.”

“You forget how young these guys are, even the likes of Calum, he’s what 25? I’ve been the oldest at the club since I arrived here and it’s amazing.”

“The age they are at, they’re careers are just starting so anything I can do to help then I am happy to do.”