Collectors’ cards launched by Newcastle Falcons

Tuesday 29 November 2022 Written by: Adam

There are 55 cards in the complete collection, with 50 made up of the playing squad, coaches, our stadium and some future Falcons stars.

In addition, there are five shiny cards – team captain Will Welch, our home and away match shirts, Flash the Falcon and a special edition Adam Radwan.

Will Welch and the match kits will be in general circulation.

Details of how to collect Flash the Falcon will be released by our rugby foundation.

The final exclusive Adam Radwan signed card will be available to Junior Falcons members only, and will be available to purchase first at the Junior Falcons Christmas party on December 8.

[**Click here**][1] to sign up for the Junior Falcons Christmas party.

Our starter pack is now available to purchase by [**clicking here**][2], priced at £5.99 for a collector’s box and your first three cards. Subsequent cards are just £1 each.

All cards will be issued at random, and we will release details of our first trading event in the coming weeks.

Our complete collection checklist is available to download by [**clicking here**][3].

Happy collecting!