Falcons Community Champion of the Month: Novocastrians RFC

Wednesday 15 March 2023 Written by: Adam

Falcons Community is delighted to announce their Champion of the Month is Andrew Palmer from **[Novocastrians RFC][1]**.

Andrew has been a member of the 10 years taking on various roles within the club, such as coaching several Youth age groups and is currently part of the Colts coaching team.

Andrew also manages to find time to run a 2nd hand boot and kit shop on a Sunday morning, which has proved very successful in recycling kits, and ensuring that all children have the correct kit to play sport. Additionally, Andrew has been active in ensuring that post-Covid, the club has managed to get their annual ball up and running again.

Behind the scenes, Andrew is regularly at the club on his day off, ensuring the changing rooms are swept and tidy for game day, repeating the process on a Sunday morning to ensure the same for the Youth and mini-groups.

In Andrew’s downtime, he plays Vets Touch Rugby and supports the 1st VX on a regular basis. All in all a great club man.

Novocastrians RFC are active members of our Club Connections programme, attending key match day festivals, and hosting our coaching camps throughout the year. Our Club Connections programme aims to help make the community clubs stronger, on and off the pitch.

The programme is sponsored by Fusion for Business (FFB) who help support sports clubs on their journey to achieve Net Zero through a range of programmes. Their solutions comprise of a series of debt-free, risk-free, cost, carbon, and energy-saving measures.

FFB has worked with Novocastrians RFC recently, and following a simple bill review, noticed the club had been massively overcharged on their current contracts. FFB was able to switch the club to a new contract, giving them huge savings annually and across the contract.

For more information about [**Fusion for Business**][2], please contact **maisie.cole@fusionforbusiness.co.uk**.

For more information about our **Club Connections** programme, please contact **falconscommunity@newcastle-falcons.co.uk**

[1]: https://novos.co.uk/
[2]: https://fusionforbusiness.co.uk/