Falcons Community Champion of the Month

Monday 14 November 2022 Written by: Adam

Both players each wear several hats around the Jarrovians RFC, and their club want to celebrate their hard work and the commitment they have to nurturing the next generation of Jarrovians.

As the Under-11s and 14s coaches, Joe and Chris are the first to arrive and the last to leave every Sunday morning, not only setting up for the training session or match that is about to happen but supporting the post training/match offerings Jarrovians put in place for the kids at Lukes Lane.

They provide additional support for new coaches who join Jarrovians, as the club’s junior section has grown in the last three years from about 20 children to nearly 100!

Joe and Chris are recognised for reaching out to local schools to discuss and promote the game of rugby in an area where all too often football will be the sport of choice and funding.

Jarrovians RFC are active members of our Club Connections programme, which aims to make the community club stronger, both on and off the pitch.

Club Connections is sponsored by Fusion for Business (FFB), who are committed to helping sports clubs become more energy efficient through a range of costs and carbon savings. These savings can create a new recurring revenue stream, boosting the longevity of grassroots sports for the next generation and beyond.

FFB have just completed a complimentary Desktop Energy Optimisation Report which forecasts their energy spend over the next five years and outlines what energy efficiency projects would be most effective for the club.

The team are due to go on site next week to confirm the savings and this will allow FFB to complete a proposal of quotes, the return on investment and potential consumption and cost savings through energy efficiency projects.

For more information regarding FFB, please email maisie.cole@fusionforbusiness.co.uk .

For more information about our Club Connections programme, please email falconscommunity@newcastle-falcons.co.uk .