Falcons Community helps build a sense of belonging for new Mixed Ability participants with Project Rugby

Wednesday 19 April 2023 Written by: Adam

Falcons Community mixed ability rugby sessions are a key aspect of Project Rugby, a joint initiative between Premiership Rugby and England Rugby, designed to introduce as many people as possible to rugby. The programme specifically aims to increase participation in the game from underrepresented groups from ethnically diverse communities, lower social-economic backgrounds, and people with disability.

Mixed ability rugby is a fully inclusive form of the game and helps to highlight rugby is a sport for everyone. The sessions aim to change the perception that rugby is not a sport for people with disabilities and provides a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy the sport.

Joseph has limited verbal communication, but since starting the programme he regularly shouts out happily “rugby!” at his Monday night sessions. Joseph has been able to make new friends at the sessions and is keen to encourage others to join the group. His father has enjoyed watching his son thrive being part of a team each week, and the joy rugby has bought him.

Joseph has received incredible support on social media from his community grassroots club, Whiley Bay Rockcliff RFC, adding to his increased sense of belonging.

Joseph’s father stated: “Joseph has really loved that he could bring his younger brother along to the sessions, allowing him to share an activity with family. This is a rare opportunity for both of them to spend time playing a sport together. Joseph is happy to finally be able to join in with rugby activities as a player, then just being a spectator.”

For more information about Falcons Community’s Mixed Ability rugby session, please contact **falconscommunity@newcastle-falcons.co.uk**.