Falcons fans – how much noise can you bring?

Thursday 20 November 2014 Written by: Adam

Tomorrow night will see Newcastle Falcons take on Gloucester in the club’s biggest game of the season so far.

As the Falcons ask fans to Bring the Noise and help set a record for the world’s loudest club rugby crowd, we ask just how much noise Newcastle Falcons fans can bring?

Here’s a quick run down of how the club expects tomorrow’s crowd to compare…

– **0 decibels** – the crowd as Rory Clegg or Juan Pablo step up to take a kick*
– **20 decibels** – a whisper
– **35 decibels** – the satisfied sigh of someone enjoying their first mouthful of Megapie for the evening*
– **50 decibels** – a conversation
– **60 decibels** – the sound, on impact, of an Alex Tuilagi tackle*
– **70 decibels** – a vacuum cleaner
– **80 decibels** – the clash of bodies as a scrum engages*
– **90 decibels** – a motorcycle 25 feet away
– **100 decibels** – chainsaw
– **110 decibels** – Mike Memphis rocking out to Hound Dog in the West Stand concourse bar after the game*
– **120 decibels** – live rock music
– **130 decibels** – a hearty cry of “Falcons, Faaaaaalcons” from the South Stand*
– **140 decibels** – air raid siren
– **150 decibels** – jet take off
– **175 decibels** – the sound of the Falcons crowd Bringing the Noise!!!!*

Tickets are still available for tomorrow’s game (ko 8pm) starting from only £15 for adults and £7.50 for juniors. For more information or to get yours click [here][1], visit the Kingston Park Club Shop or call the Falcons’ 24 hour Ticket Hotline on 0871 226 6060.

*Note: These noises are approximate and not certifiably proven

[1]: http://www.newcastlefalcons.co.uk/tickets/info