Falcons set for pre-season with a DIY-fference

Thursday 30 May 2019 Written by: Adam

Newcastle Falcons players and coaches are lending their labour to local rugby clubs and charities as they embark on a pre-season with a difference.

Dean Richards and his charges will take to the road from July 8-12, painting, mowing, destroying and building their way around the region.

Rugby clubs and charities are invited to submit their applications for DIY or grounds projects which can be tackled in two days, with ten players or coaches attending each session.

In addition, 20 players will attend two huge events on Wednesday July 10, with Newcastle Falcons looking to make a positive difference to local rugby clubs and charitable organisations as they prepare for the new season.

Falcons director of rugby Dean Richards said: “This initiative is a great chance for us to give something back to our local rugby clubs as they prepare for the new season, and to local good causes.

“As well as the obvious benefit of free labour for the clubs and charities it’s also getting some good physical graft under the players’ belts during pre-season, and helping to forge the camaraderie and work ethic which will serve us so well during the coming season.”

Rugby clubs and charitable organisations wishing to submit applications for the scheme are invited to do so by filling in a form available from gavin.beasley@newcastle-falcons.co.uk by Friday 14th June.