Falcons’ Summer of Touch reaches a nail-biting climax

Thursday 21 July 2016 Written by: Adam

A total of 20 teams played more than 250 games between them over the eight-week programme, made up of rugby clubs, social groups and work colleagues, both male and female.

Everyone played everyone in the seven regular-season weeks, with finals night seeing teams split into cup, shield, plate and bowl competitions depending on their league position after the round-robin phase.

Over 1,200 tries were scored over the eight weeks, with finals night seeing close-fought competitions for all four pieces of silverware.

Bonus points or sudden death extra time were required to decide every single trophy, with The Vests taking top prize overall by winning the cup.

Ward Hadaway took the shield competition after beating last year’s winners Pablo Escoballs by a single point.

Teamy McTeam Face, including a number of Newcastle Falcons’ backroom staff, won the plate, while Newcastle Gin pipped The Ringers in golden-try extra time to take the bowl.

But there is still one more prize up for grabs at Tynemouth Longsands this Saturday when the Falcons host their annual beach festival, kicking off at 11am. To enter a team please email **gavin.beasley@newcastle-falcons.co.uk** or call 0191 214 2803.

As well as touch rugby the festival sees the Flock junior fan club summer party with lots of different activities, Falcons players, music, Flash the Falcon mascot and more.