FAQS: 2020-21 season ticket membership

Tuesday 28 January 2020 Written by: Adam

**Will current season ticket members be contacted?**

Season ticket members will be contacted via e-mail or letter. We urge any season ticket members who have not updated their details to do so, especially e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, to ensure you are kept up to date with all information.

**What benefits are there for current season ticket members?**

All current season ticket members will receive £20 credit on their season ticket cards to spend on a variety of products during season 20/21.

**What are the benefits if I am one of the first to renew?**

The first 500 supporters to renew will also receive £20 credit on their season ticket cards to spend on a variety of products during season 20/21 (in addition to your £20 loyalty credit if you are an existing season ticket member).

**What are the benefits of extending my three-year membership?**

The three-year membership extension will allow you to fix what you pay for the next two years and receive a further 10% discount, meaning your price is fixed until 2023. This membership does require full payment at the time of booking, although you may use the finance offer and pay over your first season. In addition, there is an opportunity to access the West Stand first-floor corporate bar on occasions, subject to availability. Please contact helen.scott@newcastle-falcons.co.uk to book your place.

**How do I enter the international ballot?**

Ballot forms will be included in your season ticket pack, available in August.

**When is the season ticket members’ event?**

The date of the season ticket members’ event will be confirmed once the fixtures have been released.

**Will the club be repeating The Big One at St James’ Park in 2021?**

We remain committed to putting on big events. Currently commercial considerations and availability with the new season structure remain under discussion.

**What happens if Newcastle Falcons do not gain promotion?**

We are confident of gaining promotion to the premiership this season, however, if we do not, a refund will be given for the difference in pricing for the Championship season.

**What happens if I can’t make games?**

The ticket exchange programme will once again be running next season. If you know you can’t make a particular match and ring the ticket office ahead of the game date, then you will receive an additional ticket to a similar category game. Tickets are always subject to availability but it is our belief that if you pay for 17 tickets then you should get 17 tickets, even if you can’t make the occasional game. You may only use this option on a maximum of two occasions and must be swapped on a like for like basis (e.g. A* game for A* game). Exchanges are subject to a £3 booking fee, four weeks ahead of the game in question.

**How do I purchase a discounted Magic weekend ticket?**

Simply call the ticket office with your details and your Saturday Magic weekend ticket will be priced at £20 instead of £25. You will receive four fantastic games of rugby league (including Newcastle Thunder vs Doncaster)

**Are Early Bird prices only available only to existing season ticket members?**

No. Anyone who purchases a season ticket by February 23 can benefit from early bird price savings, whether a new or existing member.

**How can I pay by the monthly instalments option, and can I qualify for Early Bird prices if I do this?**

Yes, early bird prices are available as long as you confirm to the ticket office that you wish to take the monthly instalments option by February 23. This option is offered by our finance partners and is subject to an additional administration fee. For full details call 0871 226 6060.

**Are the free under-11s / under-15s rugby club season tickets still available?**

Yes. Any current Year 5 primary age or younger (Year 6 or younger on September 1, 2020) can qualify for a free junior season ticket as long as it is purchased with a full adult season ticket membership. Proof of age will be required for all juniors. The same process applies for U15s rugby club members and requires an RFU ID card in addition.

**Who qualifies as each category for season ticket membership?**

Concessions are those supporters who aged 65 or over on September 1, 2020, or are in full-time education. Proof of concession status will be required at the time of purchase, however, those members who have previously provided proof of being aged over 65 will not be required to do this. The new young adult category for 16 to 24-year-olds will also require proof of age.

**When will the fixtures be released?**

We envisage fixture to be released mid to late July.

**What day of the week will fixtures be played on?**

In order to cater for all of our fan base we intend to play a mix of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

**When are season ticket memberships sent out?**

Once you’ve renewed you will receive your membership card plus details of all other benefits by August, ahead of the pre-season friendly.

**How do I discuss any additional needs to ensure I have the best experience?**

Please get in touch with lauren.smith@newcastle-falcons.co.uk .

**Can I use my refund voucher spend?**

Yes. You may use your spend up until September 1, 2020. Please tick the appropriate box on the form or advise a member of the ticket office when you book if you would like to use your spend against the cost of your season ticket.

**How do I book?**

You can book online at [**www.eticketing.co.uk/newcastle-falcons**][1] , over the phone on 0871 226 6060 or by calling into the box office at Kingston Park Stadium if you are booking a three-year extension season ticket, using your refund vouchers or finance

**If I’m unsure of anything else relating to season ticket membership, how do I find out more?**

Ring the ticket office on 0871 226 6060 and they will be happy to answer your query, or email fans@newcastle-falcons.co.uk .

[1]: https://www.eticketing.co.uk/newcastle-falcons/