Gallagher Premiership supporting Rainbow Laces

Tuesday 23 November 2021 Written by: Adam

The campaign aims to promote equality within our sport for LGBTQ+ people and tackle discrimination on every level. We’re proud to be involved and show that everyone is welcome on the rugby pitch and in the stands, no matter their background.

Throughout the weekend, a special “rainbow” Gallagher Premiership Rugby logo will once again be used extensively in branding at matches as well our match officials wearing special commissioned rainbow shirts and flags.

Players at all Gallagher Premiership Rugby teams will be sent Rainbow Laces to wear in their matches in round nine, and we invite all our supporters and partners to get involved by purchasing and wearing their Rainbow Laces to show support too.

Should you wish to buy Rainbow Laces, please [**click here.**][1]

The weekend is part of Premiership Rugby’s longstanding commitment to inclusion within the game.

Wayne Morris the community and CSR director at Premiership Rugby said: “We’re proud, alongside Gallagher, to support Stonewall’s campaign and to be allies to all the LGBTQ+ people involved in Rugby. We strive hard to make our sport welcoming to all – we want rugby to be everyone’s game and we are prepared to play our part to make this happen.

“Many LGBTQ+ people feel they have to choose between loving and being involved in sport and being their true selves. No one should feel that they are unable to participate in any way or hold back who they are.

“More than 40% of LGBTQ+ people have experienced or witnessed prejudice in sport, with a shocking 82% claiming to feel unsafe or welcome in sport. This has to change.

“As with previous year’s Premiership Rugby is calling on fans, players and the rugby community across the country to get involved and show their support by buying their own laces and wearing them with pride across the weekend.

“This year we want you to go one step further. Wear your laces as a pledge of commitment to speak up on things that matter. Only by talking more openly can we make a real difference and ensure that rugby really is everyone’s game.”