Gosforth man Tom wins community award

Monday 19 December 2022 Written by: Adam

Gosforth are valuable members of our Club Connections programme, powered by Fusion for Business (FFB).

Tom plays an important role as head coach at Gosforth Mini Junior Rugby Club. Tom, alongside a few others, has helped re-establish the mini sections of the rugby club over the past decade.

He currently coaches the club’s under-14s boys’ and girls’ section, is the first person at the rugby club on a Sunday morning and often last to leave.

Never shy and always happy to help, he is willing to coach coaches and anyone else who would like some pointers. Tom embeds discipline in his training, and in turn encourages respect, not only amongst his under-14 squad, but towards the opposition.

When coaching his squad, the team are possibly the noisiest on the training pitch, which is credit to Tom encouraging as much enjoyment as possible and reinforcing teamwork within his group. After matches in the clubhouse sportsmanship continues with his teams’ opponents in the mandatory cracker-eating competition.

Gosforth RFC are active members of our Club Connection programme, attending key match day festivals throughout the year and participating in our match day experiences.

Our Club Connection programme aims to help make community clubs stronger, on and off the pitch. The programme is sponsored by FFB, who support sports clubs on their journey to achieve Net Zero through a range of projects. Their solutions comprise a series of debt-free, risk-free, cost, carbon and energy-saving measures.

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