Graham highlights never-say-die spirit

Sunday 21 October 2018 Written by: Adam

The flanker scored the home side’s opening try and was on the field at the very end when a 40-phase attack culminated in Callum Chick scoring the winner, Graham saying: “It’s a pretty amazing feeling, to be honest.

“To score the winning try with the very last play after something like 40 phases is pretty spectacular, but we definitely knew we could do it.

“It was just about driving it, and driving it, and keeping going and just refusing to be stopped.”

Hoping to use his side’s European heroics as a catalyst for their domestic league, he added: “We’ve not had a great start to the Premiership season in terms of results, as everyone knows, but we’ve stuck together and we’re starting to tidy up the parts of our game which needed tightening up on.

“We know that our place in the Premiership is our own fault. We definitely could have won some of those games but we’re starting to find our way now, and hopefully we can continue that.

“We don’t think beyond the next game, we’re not going to sit here and make big predictions, but we’re finally starting to show what we’re capable of.”