International Ticket Ballot Complete

Tuesday 09 June 2015 Written by: Adam

Early last week Newcastle Falcons completed its Members International Ticket Ballot. This ballot offers the club’s Season Ticket Members the opportunity to apply to purchase two tickets for an England international fixture at Twickenham Stadium during the forthcoming season.

The 2015/16 ballot saw unprecedented interest as a result of which Newcastle Falcons have been unable to offer tickets to all ballot applicants.

However, the club is working closely with the RFU in the hopes of obtaining further international tickets and will make these available to Season Ticket Members if and when possible.

The Falcons Ticket Office team have been working hard to contact successful ballot applicants, many of whom have now already purchased their tickets. However a full list of successful Members, each of whom has the opportunity to purchase two tickets for their selected game, can be found below.

**England vs Ireland QBE Series (Tickets £41)**
– Patrick Hayes
– Simon Spencer
– Patrick Hughes-Narborough
– Paul Nelson
– Ian Brewis
– Sean More
– Mr WJ Snowdon

**England vs France QBE Series (Tickets £41)**
– RW Adams
– Andrew Shaw
– Colin Murphy
– Adrian Brown
– Stephen Rank
– Steve Barker

**England vs Wales RBS Six Nations (Tickets £41)**
– Andrew Farquarson
– Neil Mason
– RM Dawson
– P Heyland
– Clive Hampton
– David Bassam
– Tim Wakefield
– Andrew Thurkle

**England vs Wales RBS Six Nations (Tickets £62)**
– Keith Turnbull
– Cliff Varah
– Thomas Aylott
– Sian Evans
– Alan Kellett
– Paul Young
– Lynne Crowe
– Darren Dunne
– Chris Tatum
– Ian Morton
– Steve Lord

**England vs Ireland RBS Six Nations (Tickets £41)**
– Ian Miller
– David Tennick
– Eric Joseph
– Geoff Friston
– Mr TJ Preston
– Christine Fothergill
– Lee Williams

**England vs Ireland RBS Six Nations (Tickets £62)**
– Martin Dajoux
– Elizabeth Hunter
– Pauline Rutter
– Barry Howbridge
– Rick Haswell-Cohen
– John Barlow
– Vera Wealleans
– David McCabe
– Thomas Johnson
– Andrea Brown
– Dave Tarn

The Members International Ticket Ballot is just one of the exclusive benefits available to Newcastle Falcons Season Ticket Members.

For more information on 2015/16 Season Ticket Memberships click [here][1], contact the Newcastle Falcons 24 hour Ticket Hotline on 0871 226 6060 or pop into the Kingston Park Stadium East Stand Ticket Office.