Mixed ability rugby launches at KP

Tuesday 22 May 2018 Written by: Adam

The Falcons Community Foundation are excited to launch their mixed ability rugby sessions, starting on Wednesday May 30 at Kingston Park Stadium.

Mixed ability rugby was founded in 2009 to expand the participation of everyone in the game regardless of their ability, and since then teams have been popping up all over the country.

The mixed ability model promotes social inclusion through education, and by encouraging players of all abilities to be equal members of mainstream sports clubs.

As part of Project Rugby the Falcons Community Foundation are delivering mixed ability session every Wednesday night from 5.30pm-6.30pm.

The aim is to create a team which will play competitive games against other mixed ability rugby teams across the country.

If you are interested in joining in the rugby session or want to know more about them please contact Gavin Beasley on gavin.beasley@newcastle-falcons.co.uk or call 0191 214 2803