Mixed ability sessions with Project Rugby

Tuesday 04 June 2024 Written by: Mark Smith

Casey was first introduced to the Falcons Community mixed ability session by her friends, who invited her to try rugby. Since joining, she has a newfound confidence, learned new skills and improved her social development.

Since joining she has now become a crucial member of the team and is always welcoming to new players, showing them what she has learned through her time in the team and some of the sessions she has had with her school group.

Casey has already played at Kingston Park and St James’ Park, and is looking forward to playing at venues like Elland Road this year. She has started saying yes to many new things, helping her overcome her shyness, and she would like to continue playing rugby and experiencing matches against other teams from across the country, meeting new friends and playing in some great rugby venues.

Stephen Parsons, Falcons Community development officer said: “As a group of coaches we have seen Casey’s confidence, communication and skills improve across all areas. She can self-correct skills and understand the feedback provided to her during sessions.

“Over time, she has also developed skills and understanding of when she might need to sit out of an activity or have a break. As part of the multi-sport sessions we have seen Casey go from having little interest in other sports to developing a high skill level, and she is now looking for more challenging activities and competitions.”

Casey is an excellent example of the benefits of rugby for everyone. She is a great player on the team and is also growing her skills and confidence with general life skills through the benefits of sport and rugby.

Falcons Community mixed ability rugby sessions are part of Project Rugby, a joint initiative by Premiership Rugby and England Rugby.

The programme aims to introduce rugby to under-represented groups and increase participation from ethnically diverse communities, lower socio-economic backgrounds and people with disabilities.

Mixed-ability rugby is an inclusive form of the game which challenges the perception that rugby is not for people with disabilities. These sessions provide a fun and secure environment for everyone to enjoy the sport.

To find out more about Project Rugby and to find a session near you, head to www.projectrugby.co.uk or email falconscommunity@newcastle-falcons.co.uk.