Nutrition X supporting Newcastle Festival of Rugby

Tuesday 24 May 2016 Written by: Adam

A packed day of sevens action at Kingston Park stadium is free of charge to all supporters, with games getting underway from 10.30am.

Local club sides and elite invitational teams will be playing in tournaments including men’s competitive, men’s social, women’s and mixed touch.

As well as the on-field action there will be a BBQ, drinks promotions and the Aviva Premiership final on the stadium TVs, Nutrition X keeping the players going throughout the day with their range of products.

Naomi Christiansen, marketing specialist for the company, said: “Nutrition X are pleased to be supporting the Newcastle Festival of Rugby this weekend with the Energel +, providing the players with fast-acting carbohydrates before, during or after their games.

“Nutrition X is powered by leading nutritionists and sports scientists, formulating the product range specifically for high-performing athletes across a range of sports. Nutrition X carries the Informed-Sport stamp of approval to show their commitment to producing safe, quality-assured products.”

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