Physique Management and Falcons extend partnership

Monday 14 August 2017 Written by: Adam

Physique are an industry leading supplier of professional sports healthcare products, ranging from sports injury aid and massage therapy to rehab and exercise. Investing in advice and guidance from expert healthcare professionals, they retail only the best items on the market, to all levels of sport.

The three-year deal sees the company continuing their relationship with the Falcons, whose lead doctor Rachel Scurfield welcomed the news.

She said: “In a contact sport like professional rugby it is crucial that we have access to quality tape and strapping products.

“Physique Management have been great suppliers and it is fantastic news that we have been able to renew our partnership with the company.”

Chris Foice, partnerships manager at Physique Management, added: “We are thrilled to team up with the Falcons once again.

“Effective taping is vital in such a high-impact sport. Ensuring we continue to deliver our functional products and reliable service will be paramount in supporting the team, which is our main objective.”

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