Points allocated from Worcester match

Saturday 20 February 2021 Written by: Adam

The decision has been made by a Premiership Rugby panel comprising Premiership Rugby chairman Andy Higginson, chief executive Darren Childs and rugby director Phil Winstanley.

The match was cancelled after Newcastle Falcons returned positive tests in this week’s round of PCR testing.

In light of these additional positive tests, following on from those returned in the previous week, the Professional Rugby Testing Oversight Group and Public Health England were of the opinion that these tests amounted to an outbreak, and that further transmission could not be ruled out. Therefore, all rugby activity for the Newcastle Falcons was suspended for 10 days from the last contact between the squad on Wednesday February 10, due to the incubation period of the virus. Further testing will be conducted on Monday February 22.

Premiership Regulations state that: “In the event that the PRL panel decide that a referred match in the league season is cancelled, or any governmental authority recommends or requires that a match in the Premiership league season is cancelled (in either case, a “cancelled league season match”), then (without prejudice to any action which may be taken under or relating to any Covid Minimum Operating Standards):

The result of that cancelled league season match shall be deemed to be 0-0; and

Four league points shall be allocated to the club who was able to play the cancelled league season match, and two league points shall be allocated to the other club.”

A Premiership Rugby spokesperson said: “The health and safety of players, staff, management and officials is our only priority, so first and foremost we’d like to wish those at the Falcons who tested positive a swift and safe recovery.

“But following consultation with local Public Health England officials and the Professional Rugby Testing Oversight Group the correct decision was taken to call the game off as the positive these tests amount to an outbreak, and that further transmission could not be ruled out,

“Worcester Warriors have been awarded the win and four league points. Newcastle Falcons shall be deemed to have lost the match but awarded two league points. The match score shall be recorded as 0–0.”

[**Click here to read the clauses about Covid in the Premiership Rugby regulations.**][1]

[1]: https://www.premiershiprugby.com/news/new-regulations-published-to-deal-with-matches-that-may-be-affected-in-the-coming-season-by-the-covid-pandemic