Project Rugby back up and running

Monday 19 April 2021 Written by: Adam

Aimed at engaging, retaining and transitioning new players to rugby clubs, the foundation have been working with Ashington RFC, Wallsend RFC and North Shield RFC as well as pupils from NCEA Dukes secondary school, Churchill community college, Norham High School and Newcastle College.

The programme has already seen 375 participants since January, having worked with vulnerable school and college pupils during lockdown, and is now looking to expand.

Project Rugby is run by Premiership Rugby in collaboration with England Rugby, and is designed to increase participation in the game by people from traditionally underrepresented groups, whether through race, socio-economic circumstances or disability.

The programme, which is run in partnership with Gallagher, will engage thousands of participants per year and will be delivered by community staff from Premiership Rugby’s shareholder clubs at over 200 locations across England, providing accessible opportunities for people to participate in the game at a time and place that can be easily accessed by target audiences.

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