Richards credits resurgence against Jersey

Saturday 02 November 2019 Written by: Adam

Newcastle led 14-7 at the interval before powering away later on, Richards saying: “It was a tough game, as we knew it would be.

“They gave us a really good game when we went over there in the cup in September, they’re quite an innovative side and they caused us a few problems out on the edges.

“We conceded a couple of tries, we knew it would be hard against them but we got the points we wanted in the end and denied them any bonus points.”

The Falcons boss added: “I was quite happy with the result overall, because this was never going to be an easy one.

“We hardly saw the ball for the first 20 minutes and they spooked us on the outside a little.

“It was a case of working out how to play round them when they flew up on the width, and at half-time we talked about needing patience and depth in our attack. We ultimately played through them, which is what we’d said, and that eventually worked.”

A wonder score from Adam Radwan was among the many highlights, Richards saying: “Radders’ try will be the Championship try of the season – I’ll say that now.

“It was a piece of individual brilliance in one sense, but in another sense it was also a great team try when you look at the build-up and the fact we’d pre-planned to attack them the way we did. It had all been set up, but it was a fantastic piece of execution from Adam.”