Richards highlights indiscipline in defeat

Saturday 13 March 2021 Written by: Adam

Speaking after the Kingston Park clash, Richards said: “It was the most error-strewn game we’ve played this season, and the needless penalties just kept on mounting.

“We’d been pretty disciplined this season but needless penalties put us under a lot of pressure, and we didn’t defend particularly well.

“We weren’t at the races, to be honest, and Bath are a good team.”

The Falcons boss added: “We could sit here and make all the excuses about not having been able to train much since Christmas, and it is a factor.

“But we can’t use it as an excuse this week because we’ve had a full training schedule, and we’ve just not produced on the day.

“We weren’t at the races, and against a side with a near-international back line and a good pack we’ve just got to be better than that.”

Argentinean wing Mateo Carreras was one bright spot on a difficult day for the North Easterners, Richards saying when asked about the Sevens international: “Mateo looked lively at times.

“He’s got X-factor, he has pace and he’s a good prospect. He’s young so he’ll make some naïve mistakes, but at the same time what he brings to the game in a positive sense will outweigh that.”