Monday 24 February 2014 Written by: Adam

Norwich City Football Club (NCFC) players and Aviva Premiership Rugby officials proudly wore the Railway Children logo on their shirts for the weekend’s fixtures to lend their support for sponsor Aviva’s UK charity partner. Key stadiums were also dressed in Railway Children’s colours, helping to raise awareness of the fact that one child runs away from home every five minutes in the UK; that’s 100,000 every year.

For every tweet or retweet posted on Twitter over Aviva’s community weekend including the hashtag #Take5, Aviva pledged to donate £1 to Railway Children. With valuable engagement from NCFC Directors Stephen Fry and Delia Smith and TV Presenter Jake Humphrey, as well as NCFC footballers and Premiership Rugby players, the campaign generated 26,365 interactions over the 48 hour period this weekend. Aviva have decided to double this figure and will be donating £46,730 to Railway Children.

Railway Children provide help and support to children under 16 who have run away from home or are at risk of doing so. They estimate that one child runs away from home every five minutes in the UK. That’s the equivalent of 18 children during a 90 minute football match and 16 during a rugby match; a total of 114 children during the Aviva Community Weekend fixtures.

Heather Smith, marketing director for Aviva UK DI said: “We would like to thank all who showed their support for our charity partners Railway Children this weekend by taking part in our #Take5 Campaign. The Aviva community weekend activity offered a fantastic opportunity for us to build on our year-round work with Railway Children, raising awareness and funds for the charity. In recognition of this incredible support from rugby and football fans this weekend, we will be donating £46,730 to Railway Children. Many thanks to all those who joined in.”

Terina Keene, chief executive of Railway Children said: “Many thanks to the British public and Aviva for their amazing support. One child is estimated to run away from home every five minutes in the UK. This adds up to 100,000 children every year, a shocking statistic we hope hit home this weekend across the country thanks to every football and rugby fan who tweeted their support using the hashtag #Take5. Aviva’s donation of £46,730 provides much-needed funds to help us deliver crucial support and services before, during and after young people run away from home.”

Aviva’s #Take5 activity has helped launch the charity’s new Take 5 campaign on a national scale. Not only has a significant amount of money been raised for a good cause but the activity has also generated engagement and increased awareness for the vital work that Railway Children do. Over the course of the weekend, the Railway Children website received over 10 times the usual number of hits and the reactions on Twitter were fantastic with the public being extremely sympathetic to the cause and enthusiastic to do their part to help. If people still want to support Railway Children, they can go to the charity’s web site ([][1]) to find out more about its work and other fundraising projects.

Limited edition NCFC match shirts signed by players will be auctioned with proceeds going to Railway Children. Only 36 of these shirts will be produced for the game (two for each player in the squad). More information on the auction can be found at