Terms and Conditions for Membership Bundles

Please read through carefully prior to purchase

These Terms and Conditions govern the purchase and use of season tickets.


“The Club ” means Newcastle Rugby Limited (CRN 03706046), whose Registered Office is at Kingston Park, Brunton Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 8AF;

“Stadium” means Kingston Park Stadium or any location that is selected as the Club ’s “home” venue in respect of a Match;

“Match” means fixture at the Stadium which involves the Club ’s first team, or other relevant Newcastle Falcons’ team;

A “membership bundle” means the three, six or nine game bundle issued by the Club which enables access to the Stadium throughout the 2023-24 season and includes the games selected at the time of purchase in order to view a match.

“Ticket holder” means the purchaser of a membership bundle or a person for whom the membership bundle is purchased in accordance with these terms and conditions;

“Stadium Regulations” means the stadium safety regulations contained within this pack, available through the website, or available upon request from the club shop or ticket office and any additional rules published by the stadium team concerning the behaviour of ticket holders within the Stadium which govern the behaviour of all attendees at the Stadium.

“Spectators’ Code of Conduct” means the behaviour standards set out in the spectator code of conduct document contained within this pack, available through the website, or available upon request from the club shop or ticket office and any additional rules published by the stadium team concerning the behaviour of ticket holders within the Stadium which govern the behaviour of all attendees at the Stadium.

  1. Membership bundles are issued by the Club subject to these terms and conditions and the Stadium Regulations.
  2. The purchase of a membership bundle is an agreement by which the Club allows access to the Stadium by the ticket holder for the matches included within the membership bundle and selected at the time of purchase and by the ticket holder to be bound by and observe these terms and conditions, the Stadium Regulations and the Spectators’ Code of Conduct.
  3. Other than membership bundles purchased or exchanged via our ticketing partner Ticketmaster UK Limited, which are subject to the over-riding provisions of their purchase and exchange policy, membership bundles are non-transferable and cannot be re-sold to another person save with the prior written agreement of the Club. A ticket holder may buy tickets, be it additional season tickets or individual match tickets, for one or more other people if they do not charge them more than the face value of those tickets. Photo ID may be requested on arrival at the Stadium.
  4. Failure by the ticket holder to adhere to these terms and conditions, to the Stadium Regulations or the Spectators’ Code of Conduct, or if the ticket holder behaves in any other manner which the Club reasonably considers is detrimental to its interests or is likely to bring the Club  into disrepute, shall permit the Club  to confiscate or forfeit (in each case without compensation) the season ticket, to refuse a ticket holder access to the Stadium or use positive action that may lead to the removal the ticket holder from the Stadium either for the relevant match and/or to ban the ticket holder from attending future matches or other events at the Stadium for such period as the Club  in its discretion deems appropriate.
  5. The Club reserves the right to impose additional restrictions relating to conduct, beyond those already included in the Spectators’ Code of Conduct, based on health and safety concerns either generally or on a match-by-match basis. The Club will take reasonable steps to bring such additional restriction to the attention of ticket holders.
  6. Any individual purchasing a membership bundle for a third party shall be deemed to be acting with the authority of each ticket holder for whom they are making that purchase, including acting with the authority of each such ticket holder to agree to these terms and conditions on their behalf and agrees that they will inform that third party that they are bound by these terms and conditions, the Stadium Regulations and Spectators’ Code of Conduct.
  7. Tickets are sold on the understanding that the date and time of a match that is initially released is the current expected date and time, but it may change subject to circumstances outside of the Club ’s control. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to verify the correct date and time of each match via the Club ‘s website, the ticket office, or the local press. The Club will endeavour to make this information available promptly after any change is made. The Club is under no obligation to give a refund, or ticket credit, to any ticket holder as a result of a date and/or time change where that ticket was part of a membership bundle when originally purchased.

7.1.       If a match is cancelled the Club may offer the membership bundle holder ticket exchange when requested in writing to be applied to another game within the same season subject to availability. This is at the Club ’s discretion.

7.2.       If a match is abandoned or postponed, the match ticket will be valid for the rearranged match only. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ascertain the correct date and kick-off time of the rearranged match. Refunds and credit will only be available when the date and time of the fixture was available when the game was selected as part of the bundle. Refunds or transfers for those games whereby the purchaser selected the game prior to confirmation of the date and time will be at the Club ’s discretion.

7.3.       In the event of cancellation, postponement or abandonment the Club shall have no liability to a ticket holder for (without limitation) loss of enjoyment or any irrecoverable travel and/or accommodation cost associated with arrangements for attending the match or any booking fees and its sole responsibility is as set out in 7.1 and 7.2 above.

  1. A match ticket shall become void and the Club will not allow a person in possession of a match ticket entry to the Stadium or to have any right to a refund where the Club  has reasonable grounds to believe that the match ticket has been (i) sold to another person at a price higher than its face value, (ii) sold through unauthorised ticket brokers, auction sites or otherwise or (iii) as a prize in a lottery, competition or for any other promotional or advertising purpose, unless in any case this has been previously authorised in writing by the Club .
  2. Entrance to the Stadium for a match is only permitted upon presentation of a valid match ticket, which should be retained until the match has been played to a conclusion. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to retain the match ticket.
  3. In the event that a match ticket is lost, damaged, stolen or misplaced the Club is under no obligation to provide a duplicate match ticket and is not responsible for any losses incurred by the ticket holder as a result.
  4. Entrance to the Stadium for a match can be gained via any entry available, excluding the hospitality entrance unless your ticket is specifically for match-day hospitality. Anyone with a standard match ticket attempting to use the hospitality entrance will be redirected.
  5. A match ticket gives access only to the block, row and seat or standing terrace stated on the match ticket. However, the Club reserves the right at its absolute discretion to re-allocate the ticket holder to any equivalent seat or position in the Stadium at any time. Or to open areas to other match ticket holders should one of the stands be unavailable for any reason.
  6. The Club cannot guarantee that the seat or position within the Stadium stated on the match ticket will not be affected by adverse weather conditions, temporary structures or circumstances beyond the Club ’s reasonable control, however in such circumstances, the Club will use reasonable efforts to (where possible in the circumstances) minimise the effects of such matters.
  7. Any match ticket held for entry must be produced on demand in response to request from any staff of the Club.
  8. The match ticket remains the property of the Club at all times.
  9. Membership bundles, and the match tickets included within them, are non-refundable save for the relevant cancellation and postponement clauses above. Requests for refunds outside of this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis but the decision is at the sole discretion of the Club.
  10. Any credit that is granted to the membership bundle holders, at the discretion of the Club, must be redeemed within the current season. It cannot be carried over to the following season or any season beyond that.