Spectator code of conduct

The Club looks forward to welcoming Ticket Holders to Kingston Park. In line with Government guidance on the admission of supporters to sports stadia, this Code of Conduct acts to guide and advise Ticket Holders of the protocols in place on matchday.

Entry to the Stadium is conditional upon observance of this Code of Conduct and the Club reserves the right to take positive action against any supporter that fails to comply with this Code of Conduct, including ejection from the stadium and imposing bans.

If you are accompanying a child (under 16s), please remember that you are responsible for their behaviour and ensuring that they comply with this Code of Conduct and other Stadium Regulations at all times. If the Club requires a child to leave the Stadium, we may (will) require any accompanying responsible adult to leave with them.

  1. You must comply with the direction of all staff, the PA announcements, and all signage on the approach to and inside the Stadium. All measures are in place to keep you, your fellow supporters and our staff safe.
  2. When using stadium facilities, please follow all guidance, be patient and considerate towards other users. Peak times are naturally half-time and at the end of the game so please bear this in mind.
  3. The Stadium is a non-smoking and non-vaping environment and Ticket Holders may not smoke or vape in any part of the Stadium. Please be respectful to other attendees, many of whom are children or may have medical conditions including asthma, and refrain from smoking or vaping at any point during your time at Kingston Park.
  4. The taking, reproduction or publishing in any form of video recordings of a Match, or any part of a Match, on any device is strictly forbidden.
  5. The obscuring, defacing damaging or removal of any promotional or advertising signage within or on the Stadium is strictly forbidden and any objects placed in breach of this may be removed by the Club.
  6. We’d like to take the opportunity to remind our supporters that our team is here to ensure you have an enjoyable experience on-site and they are working extremely hard to ensure you enjoy your time with us so please be kind. We’re more than happy to work with you to find solutions to any problems you may have but any inappropriate, aggressive or abusive behaviour – including raising your voice will not be tolerated and will result in staff taking positive action which may include ejection from the stadium and imposing bans.
  7. We’re committed to ensuring our stadium is a family-friendly environment and we have a dedicated safeguarding team you can contact should you have any concerns. You can do so by emailing speakup@newcastle-falcons.co.uk.
  8. We are a fully inclusive stadium and as such any form of discrimination against another supporter, a staff member or a player will not be tolerated and is likely to result in an extensive ban from attending future matches and events.

If you experience any type of discrimination, or any other issues, from anyone during your time with us please report to a steward or member of staff immediately. Alternatively, you can email any concerns to speakup@newcastle-falcons.co.uk.

For more information about our stadium safety regulations please click here