VIDEO: ‘Alfie Asks’ premieres with Matavesi & Mermoz

Friday 29 September 2017 Written by: Adam

Meet Alfie, our newest member of the Junior Falcons fan club and the boy who is going to spend this season grilling members of the squad on some of life’s most important questions.

Who is stronger, Dean Richards or the Incredible Hulk?

Who has the best secret handshake and all of the other cheeky questions that the players are normally able to avoid.

Centres Josh Matavesi and Maxime Mermoz are the first to face Alfie’s line of questioning, with the results now available to **[watch here.][1]**

‘Alfie Asks’ is a new Falcons TV feature which involves monthly interviews with Falcons players and coaching staff, with questions sent in from Junior Falcons Plus members and episodes being sent exclusively to these members a month before being published publicly.

The videos allow our younger supporters to find out what goes on off-field here at Kingston Park Stadium.

Not only do Junior Falcons Plus members get to see Alfie Asks features first and submit questions to be put to his guests, they also receive many additional benefits such as Junior Falcons Plus members pack, Newcastle Falcons 2017/18 team poster, monthly ‘News Flash’ ezine and access to exclusive competitions, including a chance to star in upcoming episodes of Alfie Asks alongside the Falcons TV feature’s host and players.

The Junior Falcons membership is open to anyone under the age of 16. Membership is FREE, with additional benefits available through Junior Falcons Plus for an annual fee of £10.
For more information on the Junior Falcons or to join, [click here][2]