VIDEO: Barbecue challenge – Pacific Islander edition

Tuesday 22 August 2017 Written by: Adam

Kingston Park Stadium has been playing host to a contest of a different kind in the last fortnight as the club’s Polynesian players, led by Nili Latu, and Argentinian contingent led by Juan Pablo Socino, engaged in a battle of the barbecues.

Stepping things up from the usual British fare of burnt burgers and undercooked sausages, the two efforts have seen Falcons players, staff and their families treated to fire cooked feasts that offered a flavour of home from the chefs.

First to ignite the fires was Tongan international Latu, with a traditional Umu providing a spectacular post training lunch.

Falcons TV was on hand to oversee the process from start to finish and get the thoughts of some of those in attendance on the fare served up.

To see how things went – [**click here**][1] to head to Falcons TV.