VIDEO: Highlights from victory over Coventry

Tuesday 19 November 2019 Written by: Adam

The Kingston Park clash saw the unbeaten league leaders running in six tries, but will be remembered by many for two miraculous try-saving tackles.

Both were pulled off by academy products as Joel Hodgson and Adam Radwan raced back to prevent Coventry scrum-half Peter White scoring what seemed to be two certain tries.

These actions won the applause and admiration of supporters on the day, with forwards coach Micky Ward joining the many in praising Hodgson and Radwan’s fighting spirit.

Ward said: “We managed a couple of incredible try-savers through Joel and Radders, which to me says a lot about the team’s attitude.

“Coventry had made a couple interceptions, we were leading by 30 or 40 and on some days players might subconsciously think ‘I’ll just let him go, here’.

“It would almost be understandable not to expend that energy when you’re leading by so much, but it’s so pleasing to see the lads driving higher standards and just refusing to give up a try. We don’t want teams to score against us even when we’re well ahead, and we won’t give up any easy tries.

“If one player makes a mistake they’ve got 14 mates there to back them up, and the way we chased back for those two try-savers showed to me that these lads really want to do it for each other.”