Falcons boxing clever ahead of new season

Wednesday 03 August 2022 Written by: Adam

Continuing a series of sessions during their pre-season programme, the group of forwards were under the watchful eye of boxing coach Kevin Lang (right of picture).

“We’ve put the guys through various degrees of beasting over the summer, but today was focusing more on the skill and technique side of boxing,” he said.

“There’s a lot of synergy between boxing and rugby, like the eye contact, the burst of movement and having similar recovery times. It also just gives them something different to focus on, and when you’re training day in, day out on the rugby field or the gym it can help to freshen things up with a new setting and some different activity.”

Prop-forward Conor Kenny (left of picture) was among the Falcons players taking part in the session, saying: “It’s hard work, but I really enjoyed it.

“I did a bit of amateur boxing at a little club back home in Ireland when I was a teenager, and even though it’s been a while it’s been nice to get back into it.”

Reporting positive impressions from the sporting crossover, Lang added: “The Falcons lads are very well disciplined, really coachable and they seem to enjoy it. Week on week they’ve got more used to it, and you can see the improvement. They’re hitting the bag harder and faster than they were a few weeks ago, and the effort they put in is outstanding.

“As well as the conditioning side of things, which is ultimately what this is for them, they also seem to be responding really well and paying a lot of attention to the technical pointers we’re giving them, like defence, body position and throwing combinations.

“The improvement has been notable, and their attitude has been great. One or two of them could be good boxers if they decided to pursue it, but if it helps set them up for the rugby season then it will have served its purpose.”

For more information on Grainger Park Boxing Club please [**click here**][1].

[1]: https://www.facebook.com/Grainger-Park-Boxing-Club-493798984471648/