FALCONS TV: Montpellier reaction with Callum Chick

Monday 22 October 2018 Written by: Adam

Callum Chick highlighted the team effort that secured a second Heineken Champions Cup win for Newcastle Falcons as he spoke with the club’s official YouTube channel on Sunday afternoon.

The Falcons academy graduate was driven over after 39 phases of patient attacking play as the team made the most of a late penalty expertly driven into touch by man of the match Joel Hodgson.

But the former Ponteland RFC junior was keen to point out that his score was simply the final act of a Herculean period of play.

Chick said: “It’s great to come away with the win but there is obviously still things we can work on which is great. Scoring the try was obviously a huge honour for me, but I’ve just been the one to benefit from the boys’ hard work to get there.

“I’ve been latched over the line and the lucky one to score the try, but that happened over the 30 odd phases to score it, it wasn’t just me.”

To watch the full interview, [**click here**][1] to visit Falcons TV

[1]: https://youtu.be/xFfArqplmNA