Gary Graham red card rescinded

Tuesday 26 April 2022 Written by: Adam

The back-rower received a red card and was charged with striking with head, contrary to World Rugby law 9.12, during Friday’s game against London Irish.

Graham contested the charge in a virtual independent disciplinary panel, chaired by Matthew Weaver QC with Leon Lloyd and Miles Benjamin.

Panel chair, Matthew Weaver QC said: “The panel rescinded the red card.

“Whilst the video footage showed contact between the player and Facundo Gigena’s foreheads, the motion of the player’s head was not that of a typical head-butt, but more of a push towards the opposition player.

“The contact was minimal between the players and the lack of force used was not sufficient for the movement to constitute a strike. There was no obvious danger to either player, and this, together with the lack of force and nature of the player’s actions, led the panel to conclude that whilst the player’s actions amounted to an act of foul play, it did not meet the red card threshold.

“The panel declined to substitute a yellow card onto the player’s record for the offence. As such, the red card issued is removed from the player’s record and he is free to play immediately.”