Impact of Rugby+

Tuesday 04 April 2023 Written by: Adam

Newcastle Rugby Foundation is working tirelessly in the community to help deliver their purpose, making rugby+ the positive difference that changes lives for good.

The foundation would like to highlight the positive impact their work is having on individuals in the community.

Reece currently studies Level 2 Uniform and Protective services on the foundation’s HITZ education and employability programme which runs in partnership with Newcastle College and Premiership Rugby.

Through the HITZ programme, Reece was introduced to the CAST volunteer group. The CAST is an inclusive volunteer group which started back in 2018. The CAST, supported by the ELM Group, play a key role on Newcastle Falcons match days, helping keep the game days running smoothly. They offer support services from wayfinding, ticket scanning, running Newcastle Rugby Foundation’s flutter lottery and helping with any ticketing issues.

Reece started volunteering with CAST six months ago and credits the volunteer group for helping with his mental health.

“The CAST group has really helped with boosting my confidence, which has had a massive impact on my mental health. The volunteer group has helped me get our in the community, and offer a helping hand, rather than sitting inside during the winter feeling down. I feel the volunteer group has also had a great impact on my friends confidence levels too, as we are constantly speaking to new people.

HITZ student and CAST volunteer, Reece said: “I am really grateful for the CAST including me during match days, and positively changing my mindset to life. I really enjoy helping out. The staff are absolutely fantastic, and I will always be thankful.”

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