Wednesday 28 August 2013 Written by: Adam

Tom Lawson, Luke Wilson, George Hedley, Mark Forster and Ben Wilkinson competed in a local strongman competition run by Spartan Performance Gym owner Jack Lovett.

The events were gruelling trial of strength and speed challenges. Event one was a log clean and press with a weight of 65kg, the aim was to complete as many reps as possible before swapping participant. The next event saw two 64kg weights in a farmers walk, 20m around a cone and back in a team relay style. The third event tested co-ordination and strength as an overhead keg toss, the winner was the team with the largest collective distance. Event four was a standing arm over arm sled pull of 20m before finishing with a log carry of a 65kg log relay with the fastest time winning.

The event took place at Shotley Bridge Village Fun Day held annually with hundreds of spectators in attendance. Despite the sweltering heat the boys put in a fantastic effort against a team of well trained Spartan Gym athletes. The final score was 4-1 to Spartan but a great day out was had by all.

We hope that the spectators enjoyed the falcon’s performance and we hope to see some Festival Goer’s at a game very soon.