Thursday 20 February 2014 Written by: Adam

The Falcons are offering students the chance to buy tickets from their relevant university’s student brand manager, at the discounted price of £10 when bought directly.

Club stalwart Rob Vickers said: “It’s great to have as many students supporting the club as possible as they create a lovely environment, and really get behind the club. They make a huge difference, and help create a tremendous atmosphere.”

The scheme has proven to be a success so far with the majority of sellers selling their tickets with ease.

Vickers added: “Sport at university is definitely an experience. You’re there to get your degree, but there’s also the social side. Coming to a game is definitely a great experience. Watching the team play, integrating with supporters from other clubs, it’s all part of the game.”

The club is excited with how the new initiative has been accepted by the student community and looks forward to continuing to engage and expand on it for the near future.