Josh runner-up for national HITZ award

Saturday 26 November 2022 Written by: Adam

Josh Evans is a Level 3 Fire and Military student on Premiership Rugby’s HITZ programme, delivered by Falcons Community alongside educational partner, Newcastle College.

HITZ works with more than 2000 14-24-year-olds across England each year, helping make positive changes in young people’s lives.

Josh has really taken the HITZ programme in his stride and it has been fantastic following him on his journey. The award recognises the pathway Josh as a HITZ learner has taken, and how far he has travelled.

Josh really struggled with education previously, due to crippling anxiety, which left him with no GCSEs and doubting his own ability to achieve qualifications.

It was his desire to become a firefighter that led him to enroll on the HITZ programme to study Uniformed Protective Services. To help fulfil his dream, he volunteered at his local fire service, lifeboat service and became a member of the ‘CAST’ volunteer group, who helps improve Newcastle Falcons match day experiences for fans.

His passion for helping others meant he found a way to do this all whilst studying full-time at HITZ and working part-time in a supermarket.

By focusing on his mental health and resilience in his sessions with is mentors, Josh was able to set goals for himself. Volunteering gave him more confidence talking to others and he even started to inspire an influx of new volunteers to come forward at the Falcons.

Physically, Josh got stronger as he completed more training exercises to learn what it takes to become a firefighter. He continued to do lifesaving work going out with crews on live rescues in the North Sea with his local lifeboat service, demonstrating his dedication to not only better himself but to help his community.

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