Newcastle Falcons: The True North

A vision adopted at the start of the 2022-23 season, the True North mantra was created by Newcastle Falcons’ players which underpins and feeds into the ethos of the whole club.

As the outpost of rugby union, we’re dedicated to the preservation of professional rugby in the North of England. We’re committed to finding and developing local talent for the long run.

We do this through our established and successful academy and by securing experienced players and coaches to join us to support player and team development.

We are invested in our community, we are proud of where we live and we work to support the region and forge relationships with its communities, its businesses, and its people.

Friendly, welcoming, and steeped in history as one of the oldest professional sports clubs in the North of England, we work together as a business to ensure we build on our solid foundations and secure a bright future for professional rugby union, our northern stars, and our club.


‘True North’ is a fixed point of orientation in a spinning world, which helps you stay on track. This internal compass is derived from our most deeply held beliefs, values, and leadership principles:



Hard-work, perseverance and loyalty is at the heart of everything we do. Our team, coaches, board, and staff alike all work to ensure that the show goes on.

Win or lose, we are united in achieving a common goal – preserving professional rugby in the North of England for the future generations and for our fans.


We work to build a home for our players, our coaches, our staff, and our fans. Reliable, solid, and here forthe long haul we want our stakeholders to feel like they can rely on us and build a community around us. Not just focused on the now, we plan to ensure continuity.

Here for today, and tomorrow.


Developing and nurturing the next generation of talent – as well as working with local clubs, businesses, and good causes – if at the forefront of our ethos.

The North-East is our home and we want to support it and the people in it.


We are a club steeped in history. We want to preserve our past and develop our future. A team committed to ensuring we honour our roots and never lose sight of how we started.

The True North Emblem

Our unique stamp of approval and a reminder of the TRUE NORTH mantra.