FALCONS TV: Skills of 7s

Monday 23 July 2018 Written by: Adam

The 2018 Premiership Rugby 7s series bursts into life this weekend when all twelve clubs from the Gallagher Premiership descend on Franklins’ Gardens for two days of fast-paced action, as the countdown to the 2018/19 season continues.

In the build-up, Falcons TV has sought the insight of members of the squad that made it all the way to the final of the competition in 2017, on the skills of 7s needed to enjoy success in the short form of the game.

In **[episode one][1]**, Adam Radwan explains the secrets to winning the all-important one on ones in both attack and defence in the increase spaces offered on a pitch in 7s.

In [**episode two**][2], Cameron Cowell explains the role of a sweeper in controlling the defensive line and of being the last line of defence.

In [**episode three**][3], Gary Graham talks through his highly effective ball carrying techniques.

In **[episode four,][4]** Simon Uzokwe explains how to effect a successful jackal tackle

In [**episode five**][5],Glen Young takes us through the art of restart receptions

In [**episode six**][6], Ben Stevenson talks through successful defensive lines

The Falcons enjoyed a fantastic Friday on day one of the competition with these skills and more taking them through to the knock-out stages of the main competition.

Find out what it takes to be successful in 7s from those who have been.

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